Hugh Lovel and Shabari Bird

Quantum Agriculture European Advanced Course                                                                                                 Feb 27-March 4                                                         &nbs

Hugh Lovel and Shabari Bird and Quantum AG TEAM

Quantum Agriculture US Advanced Course 2017

 Jan. 30-Feb 3  arrive Jan 29              Blairsville, GA

Course Tuition $600    Reviewer $500

Room and Board   Birdsnest Retreat Shared Room and all meals     $75 per day


Hugh Lovel

Quantum Agriculture Farming System101 Biochemical Sequence-How Plants Grow                                                                A New Agronomy                                                                                 &nb

How Plants Grow
Hugh Lovel

Growing food of the highest quality while making the most of what you have

Plants provide the energy, in the form of root exudates, for nitrogen fixing microbes living in the near vicinity of these developing roots to fix nitrogen. However, these nitrogen fixers do not simply give amino acids directly to plants.